Why Take Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training?


“What kind of Teacher will you be? Do you want to limit yourself with territory? A Teacher has no territory. A Teacher has no personality. A Teacher has no reality. His only reality is that he uplifts, uplifts, uplifts; he keeps up and uplifts, keeps up and uplifts. It’s like a philosopher’s stone: any metal he touches becomes gold.” – Yogi Bhajan 1997

When yoga students say  “I really just want to deepen my practice” or “it’s not the perfect time right now” I can’t help but think about how my first Level One Teacher Training impacted my life.

I had been practicing Kundalini yoga pretty regularly for a few years and was feeling profound positive changes in my life because of it. Yes, I was THAT student who took the training just to deepen my practice and was on the fence because it wasn’t the “perfect time”. When I decided to take the Level One Teacher Training, on the surface it couldn’t have been a more inconvenient time. My life was riddled with unimaginable strife and challenges. When students say that they have a “scheduling conflict”, or “it’s not the right time” or “they are not ready”…I have to chuckle to myself.  It was because of my participation in the Teacher Training that I was able to get through the aftermath of my mother’s death, handle a contentious divorce, and successfully go through and heal from major surgery with flying colors…all within the first few months of the training.

Let me just say, there is no “right time” because it’s ALWAYS the right time. You are always ready because the opportunity presents itself when you are. A scheduling conflict is just a little hiccup in the grand scheme of things. The Teacher Training can and will change your life for the better and then it’ll start to change other people’s lives, too.

“This world is our qualification, standard, examination—a place where we must examine ourselves in our own interest. We must learn to love ourselves before we love anybody else. We must honor ourselves before we honor anybody else. We must serve ourselves before we serve anybody else. If we do not know how to do things for ourselves, we shall not be in a position to do things for others.” – Yogi Bhajan 1996

I’ve seen too many people transform for the better because of it.  I’ve seen students have a love affair with themselves for the first time in their life. I’ve seen people who came in with severe chronic mental or physical pain shift into contentment and ease. Can you imagine having stage fright your whole life and then having it disappear, almost magically during the training? Faces change. Bodies shift. Self-image, confidence and self-esteem improve. You make peace with yourself, and the people in your life. The key ingredient is SELF-AWARENESS. When you start to actually pay attention to what’s going on inside and outside of you and start to really look at it, feel it, and accept it…it is then and only then that those shifts can happen.

“Whether we will become Teachers or not, act as Teachers or not, it’s difficult to say. A Teacher acts in the interest of the higher self of the student. There are three parts of the student—his self, his worldly self, and his higher self. A spiritual Teacher only belongs to the higher self. And when the student obeys and reaches his higher self, then the other two sides are all taken care of. It is very simple.” – Yogi Bhajan 1996

Which brings me to the question of do I take the training if I don’t intend to teach?  The training is an 8 month journey into self awareness and transformation; the end game being your happiness and contentment and the ability to handle what life throws at you.  Through that change in your consciousness in combination with the group consciousness, amazing things do happen. Making a commitment in itself is a powerful tool for strengthening your will power and brightening your radiance. Showing up for yourself and the others in the group breeds community and a support system you can’t get anywhere else. For better or worse, you might find that the other people in your life respond to you differently – maybe even more authentically – as your defenses drop away. And then you just might find yourself teaching, like I did.

“I don’t believe in miracles. I rely on them.” – Yogi Bhajan 

All I can say is that becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher was the greatest thing that happened to me. It’s hard to explain but when you realize that you are already teaching and that you are really just stepping into what already is, it is a feeling of totality in which everything makes sense.

You are not required to teach, you don’t have to take the course for certification, and you can make the commitment just for your own self-improvement. But then again, you might feel compelled to teach at this very moment. It’s a very exciting process either way. It can be challenging and sometimes difficult, but at the same time it’s fun, exciting, natural, fascinating, enlightening, comforting, and of course, mind-blowing.

Come join us….


If you would like to participate in the upcoming Level One Teacher Training with me in Atwater Village starting in October or would like to know more CLICK HERE.

We have only a few spots left so reserve your space now. You can register and pay your deposit on line here.

Maybe you know someone who is looking for a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in the Valley or on the east side of town….or someone who could benefit from this training….then please share this blogpost. 

I am available by either email or phone if you’d like to discuss anything (including payment arrangements) in greater detail. Call me at 818-570-1708 or email me: raghubiratwaterkundaliniyoga@gmail.com


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