Special Full Moon Class


L E T    I T    G O

Pink moon, full flower moon, corn planting moon, milk moon; the full moon of May has many names and is celebrated by Wesak – the Festival of the Buddha who is the embodiment of light and the carrier of divine wisdom. This festival is the second major spiritual portal (the first being Easter/Passover) celebrated around the world as a time of enlightenment. The energies are in our favor for deep re-alignment and re-purposing. In other words, deep inner work. Even though the material world might seem a little unstable right now, it’s a good time to connect with earthly and material affairs and re-establish your footing. Re-order your priorities and watch autopilot take you in the right direction! What a great time to LET THINGS GO!

You mean there’s more deep inner work to be done? Didn’t I do enough already? Well, as the Carpenters sang “It’s only just begun…” We are always struggling “to be”  but the ability to let go and just be comes only with discipline. It’s kind of a paradox; doing all this work – all this discipline and inner work – just “to be” and “let it go”….right?  There are layers and layers of costumes, characters and fake personas we all wear and take on in order to function in this world. And what are we doing? We’re just trying to fit in or stand out. We’re trying to get the job, get the relationship, get the money, get the power….. it’s exhausting!!!! All of this in the service of being NOT who you really are.

“You must understand one thing; our projective personality and our reality are two different fake things. I understand if you fake it, you will make it, but question is how long. One day you will be tired. So if you have to reach the stage I reached, all is because all is. So long you are struggling to be not to be, you are a hustler.”- Yogi Bhajan, 1994


So on this Full Moon coming up, I invite you to cast your false personas aside and get into the real of you. Falling in the sign of Sagittarius, this dynamic Full Moon energy will guide you to see things with a fresh perspective. What are your real priorities? What can you eliminate from your life that will make a vacuum for prosperity, creativity and abundant health? How can you re-align yourself mentally, physically and spiritually so that you are in balance? What are your imperative actions and how can you take them? Can you re-commit to your excellence and victory?

“There are simple things in life that you have to understand, you don’t need a makeup, you don’t have to please anybody, you have to please yourself. The very inner core of yourself. The importance to you of your inner core has never been taught and never been understood by you.” – Yogi Bhajan, 1994

See you there….
Sat Nam,

GET YOUR UNATTACHMENT ON“Unattachment means you are very light mentally. In other words, it means no suffering. In other words it means, total happiness. We call it bliss. Bliss only can come to you from nonattachment. But you know what nonattachment we want? Give away your all bank balance, your car and money and start serving and if you continue for twenty years, you are nonattached person. That’s not true! Have everything you want to have, there is nothing wrong to have things but don’t be attached to that, because everything changes every moment.”
– Yogi Bhajan, 1971

9:15 am – 10:45 am
Heartbeat House
3141 Glendale Blvd.
Atwater Village, CA  90039


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