Compassion – The Ecstasy of the Human Being

“Deep, deep down in the neutral stage of equilibrium consciousness, I am touching now a very, very fine subject, come along with me… Deep, deep, deep down in the center of the equilibrium of the human projected elevated consciousness, which is the central psyche of even the atom of the atom of the atom of the atom of the atom (let me go on talking as much as I can) there in that depth, there is a one little ray of light out of which grew the whole totality in existence.  In that far out consciousness man knows that his feelings are to be experienced on planet earth through the projected structural life which is on the soul. That is why Jesus said, “Judge not anyone, judge yourself.” – Yogi Bhajan, 10/11/73

Work on your own issues of disharmony and put yourself in balance. Learn how to love yourself before you start falling head over heels in love with someone else. Clean shop before you start telling others how to clean up theirs. It’s easier to point the finger at someone else’s “imperfections” instead of looking at your own. Only through your own inner work and self-examination, through your own patience and tolerance with your self will you be able to be patient and tolerant with others. And most important, forgive yourself so you will be able to forgive others.

I saw two things on the internet today that I am thinking of now as I write this.  First, a teacher who challenged us to dismiss the labels “high functioning” and “low functioning” and to consider that each and every one of us moves through time and space at our own pace. Instead of classifying someone as being slower or faster, in particular slower or faster than what society deems normal,  understand that everybody has their own rhythm and style. You can get into someone else’s rhythm IF you are hooked into your own. Having compassion doesn’t mean that you feel sorry for someone or that you are in a better place than them. Compassion is a positive thought, like love, that produces “hope, courage, determination, and inner strength. In the Buddhist tradition, compassion and love are seen as two aspects of the same thing: Compassion is the wish for another being to be free from suffering; love is wanting them to have happiness.”- Dalai Lama XIV

Second, an article that suggested that taking acetaminophen, the main ingredient in Tylenol, reduces your sensitivity to other people’s pain, both physical and psychological. The title of the article was Taking Acetaminophen Might Reduce Your Empathy Hmmmm.  I suppose that by turning off feeling your own pain, you are turning off your empathetic response. It’s a known fact: people abuse drugs, food and alcohol to eliminate or hide emotional and physical pain. Which causes more problems on top of the problems you were trying to get rid of. So, if we follow the logic of this newsletter, then turning off our feelings..whether you use tylenol or not, turns off our feelings towards others. All the more reason to experience our feelings and process them…which is where Kundalini Yoga and Meditation come in.

The great thing about Kundalini Yoga is that it gives you the strength to handle whatever feelings your heightened awareness brings you… and it nurtures compassion.

“Man in his nature to know and not to know wants to do sometime what he wants to do, but this heart center, the fourth center of consciousness is the center of totality. From this center come the mother; it is the bosom of the mother from where comes the milk. It is the human being. It is the love of the male throughout his life, whether he is a one day child or he is a eighty day child. It is that center if this get blocks, man does not know dimension.” -Yogi Bhajan

Dimension you could think of as perspective. Or the experience of other realms outside yourself. Dimension gives life its flavor. Not knowing dimension is living a flat life; a life without feeling. Like being in a skyscraper and only having access to a handful of stories in the middle.

“I always say between this and this is the border line.  This is very important, the prana cleans the blood, oxygenates the blood, heartbeats, all happens in this ribcage.  It is the center of compassion.  If one can produce God on this earth, it is only through compassion.  If one can perform miracles,  it is all the power of compassion.  If one can sacrifice, it is all through compassion. If one can be truthful it is also compassion; if one can be selfless. All good facets of the being are through compassion …and that is the heart center.”


If compassion is so beautiful, essential and powerful that it can produce God here on this earth;  why is everyone so blocked? Why is everyone so afraid of opening up to feeling stuff…except for anger and hatred? It seems that the good feelings are harder to handle than the bad feelings. It’s easier to complain than to hold your tongue. Why is it so difficult to forgive ourselves? The heart center is where is all happens; where heaven and earth come into divine balance yet we cut ourselves off from feeling the elevated connected cosmic consciousness that we share with all forms of life. In the wake of so much violence so very recently, it makes me very sad to think that we could all be becoming less human, less compassionate, and less forgiving.

“It is the beauty, it is the dignity, it is the ecstasy of the human being… Do you think all the people we hang are guilty, all the people we kill are rotten? All are who are enemies they have no feelings? They are not humans? They don’t have needs? Life is equally precious to a man as well as to an animal and actually the living projection of the soul is the living life which in the subconscious man knows this is the most beautiful gift the Creator could ever give to the self, whether it is animal or it is a plant… anything.” 

It’s time to focus on the ecstasy of the human experience and it starts with you. With all of us. Yogi Bhajan said that you have to see at what center of consciousness you are projecting and if you can bring your all action through the heart center,  you’ll know what you need to do.  All action that is judged through the heart center (aka the fourth center of consciousness) will result in forgiveness. He said it was different than the sixth center of consciousness which teaches humility, suffering, and sacrifice; sacrifice being different than forgiveness.

“Forgiveness is total forgiveness and it is the highest act of performance of a human intelligence, it is highest act of performance of human existence, it is highest act of self-realization, it is highest act of paying attribute to Creator, you have not been created to forgive, you are a creature to act and react. Don’t misunderstand. Your construction is that way, you act and react, learn it and feel it, and understand yourself, otherwise you always commit mistakes. You are act and react, you are a karma, you are a sequence and consequences, you are an action and reaction – complete and absolute. There is nothing you can get out of it, but there is a levitated form of you, there is a higher form of you, there is a deluxe form of you, there is a special self of you, and that is forgiving self of the being.”

Sat Nam


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