Independence Day and Creative Happiness

Saturday is Independence Day and what is independence anyway and why are we all so afraid to lose it?  Why are we always trying to break the rules, break the law of life in our efforts to become more “free” or more of an individual? Does NOT following the law of life bring us more happiness and freedom? It’s obedience and fearlessness that brings freedom.


“Real king of king is that who conquers his heart and conquer hearts, not heads. That’s the difference. Earth, wealth, earth, wealth and power is earth, is head. Heart is consciousness, love and kindness. You have to make a choice what you want to obey. You want to obey your passion or you want to obey compassion? And if you obey law of compassion you shall, first commandment of that is, you, thou shall not react. Thou shall not react, thou shall not harm, thou shall only serve, thou shall be good and thou shall only give goodness from your heart. Thou shall be kind, thou shall share, thou shall always be in service, thou shall always be humble and thou shall always be graceful. Five and five ten. This you have to write on your heart and you have to obey and you have to be and that is the obedience which will bring you perfect happiness.”  – Yogi Bhajan, 5/21/85

We all behave like high school teenagers. In the art classes that I teach at LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts), I always find at the beginning of the first semester, that the students go out of their way to ignore directions. They always look for ways to NOT follow the assignment, to be different, defiant, to be “more creative”, to break the rules. They think that they are being more artistic, more individualistic, and more unique.  They are not being “cool” and they are certainly not being creative.  They are just being rebellious.  I always tell them, “the sign of true creativity is to follow the rules yet make it look like you broke them”.  Being creative, prosperous, happy and loving is not achieved by living from the head.  It’s by living from the heart. When you can wrap your heart around an assignment, you can not only make it original and unique, you can OWN it. That is what creative happiness is all about.

“Creative happiness is the law of life and creative happiness comes from very fact of character. Character is commitment and obedience of values. Where you characterize yourself. Your commitment – you obey, you do not, you cannot deny commitment.

People think obeying means getting brainwashed, obeying means losing your independence, obeying means, obeying means so many things. To you obeying is a very dreadful thing. No it is not, obey law, is it dreadful? obey the doctor prescription, is it dreadful? obey the law of health, is it dreadful? On Tuesday do not park the car and let the street get cleaned, it is dreadful? ” – Yogi Bhajan, 5/21/85

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