Abundance, plenty, generosity, reward.  These are just four words to describe what my garden gives me. The garden devas are loving and appreciative reminders of the law of reciprocity – what I put forth I shall receive.

No matter how sad or bad things are, no matter how challenging a situation can be, there is always my family of roses, the champagne grapes and the mission figs. There are the rapidly spreading aloes, the messy but gorgeous Southern Magnolia, and the endless supply of cherry tomatoes even when the plant is seemingly past its prime. The fragrance of sage and rosemary, the buzzing of bees and the iridescent green cotinis mutabilis,  aptly nicknamed the “figeater beetle” fill the dawn and the dusk with tangible delight.

I love my garden.  Sat Nam

 PS. Garden sculpture by Johanna Went


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