3 Laws of Prosperity

“Your projection is what you communicate, your Prosperity is how you communicate, your happiness is with what, which Chakra, with what intention you communicate. It is the intention which brings you the achievement.”- Yogi Bhajan, 1989

 Prosperity begins at home; it starts inside of you.  Its an attitude that changes the way you interact with the world, the way you communicate to yourself and others, and the way you think about challenges that come your way. Once you alter the neurons of your brain with positive, prosperous thoughts and increased radiance, you become a magnet; attracting ever-flowing opportunities and abundance.  Not only that, everything that comes to you becomes an object of gratitude. An opportunity instead of an obstacle.  A lesson instead of a misfortune. When your attitude is out of alignment, you could have all the money and property in the world, and you’ll still be miserable. Conversely, a person without material wealth can be the most content of all if there’s a “prosperity program” installed on their mind computer. 

Yogi Bhajan taught 3 Laws of Prosperity:
1. Be kind to everyone– so that you reinforce your generosity of spirit
2. Never speak ill of others – otherwise, you fortify the idea that there is lack
3. Never speak ill of yourself – otherwise, you close yourself off from the universal cosmic flow
Try following these 3 Laws of Prosperity this week and see what happens.  I can almost guarantee you that your life will take a turn for the better…
Sat Nam

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