Samba de Van Nuys

While google trolling for “Van Nuys”  links (a recent late night entertainment), I encountered the most incredible accordionist I have ever heard; Simone Zanchini  by way of his “Samba de Van Nuys”.

One of the greatest aspects of YouTube is the art of discovery; while not all things are good or even believable, they are oftentimes true and every now and again, genius.  I still can’t believe that I found him by googling Van Nuys. There is much to be said for a musician who is classical, experimental, and a visionary and one who knows and respects the rules so that he can challenge and break them.  If you are enchanted, here’s   Simone Zanchini in concert  including an interview in Italian.  And if you are totally hooked, here’s Frida is Gone; heartbreakingly beautiful.

I wondered if there was another Van Nuys somewhere in the world that would inspire such a samba…but I’m content knowing that this place in the San Fernando Valley is the filament that lit up this musician!

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