Van Nuys: A Look Back.

I really enjoy this blog by Andy Hurvitz “Here in Van Nuys”

Here in Van Nuys

Another election, another possibility to change the direction of Van Nuys and reorient this community into progress and prosperity.

Over the last 100 years, men and women, with much less technology and money, managed to build, plan, create and civilize a vast, semi-arid valley, a place of schools, homes, factories, industries, churches, women’s clubs and fraternal organizations. A sense of local pride was evident, as seen in these photographs.

When people had less, it seems, they valued what they had more.

Photographs on this page are taken from the USC Digital Archives, CSUN and LAPL.
The 1926 images are from the Dick Whittington Studios now archived at USC.


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  1. I love looking back to Van Nuys. I left there in 1970 and live 3000 miles from “HOME!” Thank you for what you are doing for the good memories from back in the 50s and all. Do you have anything on the Kemsley’s Kiddle Karnival? Dixie

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